"It appears extremely important to involve the whole medical corpse; no patient must feel shameful to broach his proctological problems to his doctor, and in order to do that, the patient must previously be made comfortable about it by his doctor. If the non-specialist (or even a patient) is confronted to lesions which he is not sure about, it 's his duty to send the patient to (or consult, in the case of the patient) a proctologist for an exhaustive proctologic examination; SELF MEDICATION concerning this pathology MUST BE ERRADICATED.

Nowadays, people increasingly feel concern. They have supported various campaigns of cancer and STD detection on patients. At present, my team and myself are doing a lot to inform the population, medical corpse included.

Internet is now an emerging international means of communication. It appears right now as the best way to communicate pieces of information to the world on not sufficiently developed matters. I sincerely hope this site will contribute to make people aware that proctology should not be neglected."

Professor Roland Copé