Professor's Biography

How was proctology introduced by Dr Copé ?

First created during the 1930s with Raoul Bensaude and Andre Quin, it was in the 1950-1060s, with Jean Arnous and Ernest Parnaud in France and Goligher and Parks abroad that this specialty gradually flourished and acquired its own identity.


Professor Roland Copé contributed, in his capacity as clinical expert, to the arrival on the market of many topical and systemic medicinal products and undertook extensive medical and surgical research alongside the pharmaceutical industry.

No formal training was then available.Very few publications existed worldwide.


But the need arose to involve the entire medical profession.

With the active encouragement of Professor Roland COPÉ, ideas began to circulate :

Professor Roland Copé wrote educational textbooks distributed throughout the world in 5 languages.

Professor Copé began to interest the press by articles which were initially published shyly and parsimoniously. They are now viewed by the press as subjects of everyday interest.

At the same time, Professor Roland Copé published educational textbooks translated into 5 languages, an audiovisual educational programme, and for the first time in France and above all starting in 1984, a Proctology Training Course under the aegis of the College de Médecine des Hôpitaux de Paris / Medical College of the Paris Hospitals Group, destined for the entire medical profession.

At the same time, Professor Roland Copé organised unit meetings and postgraduate training seminars in France.

The medical profession is now involved. It has given its support to many public disease detection campaigns, in particular in oncology and sexually transmitted diseases (H.I.V.). The general public is aware.

Work continues by means of the cooperation of one and all. Proctology still has secrets to divulge.

It is of interest, in 1996, to evaluate advances in the main areas of proctology, from both a diagnostic and therapeutic standpoint.

Endoscopy - and more recently video-endoscopy - have led to major advances : accurate clinical and histological diagnosis and non-invasive resection via the anus of many tumour lesions which previously required abdominal surgery, and above all the detection of many lesions in their initial stages.

While anorectal involvement in certain sexually transmitted diseases is regressing (gonorrhoea, syphilis), herpes, chlamydia proctitis and above all papillomatosis are seen more and more frequently.

HIV has also modified clinical aspects and the course of disorders, and is a notable aggravating factor in sexually transmitted diseases.

Have a look at some of Pr Copé's medical publication:


tl_files/atlas_procto/guide.jpg Guide de Proctologie
Monographie de 120 pages illustrées de 200 photos
Ed. Servier – Paris, France

tl_files/atlas_procto/atlas.jpg Atlas de la maladie hémorroïdaire
Ed. Louis Pariente – Paris, France

Aid to Proctology (5 volumes)
Ed. Servier International

in L’année du Médecin
Chapitre Gastro-entérologie "La vénérologie anale"
Ed. Flammarion – Paris, France

Le cancer anal
Collection du Collège de Médecine – Paris, France

La maladie hémorroïdaire
Collection du Collège de Médecine – Paris, France

Les abcès et fistules de l’anus
Ed. Gidy – Paris, France

in Encyclopédie des cancers digestifs
Chapitre 5 : "Cancers de l’anus"
Ed. Flammarion – Paris, France

Les suppurations anales
Monographie de 40 pages illustrées de dessins et photos couleurs originales
Ed. Gedy – France

La vénérologie anale de l’anus (M.S.T.)
L’année du médecin
Ed. Flammarion – France




Atlas Proctologic
Ed. Médicales Pierre Fabre – Paris, France


tl_files/atlas_procto/abrege.jpg Abrégé de Proctologie
Ed. Masson – Paris, France

Le cancer de l’anus
Encyclopédie des cancers digestifs
Ed. Flammarion – France

Mélanomes malins de l’anus
Atlas des maladies rares en proctologie
Ed. Flammarion – France

Les abcès et les fistules de l’anus
Monographie de 30 pages illustrées de dessins et photos couleurs originales
Ed. Cahiers de chirurgie

Sida et chirurgie : Pathologie ano-rectale
Monographie de l’association française de chirurgie

Atlas des maladies rares en proctologie
« Traumatismes : Ulcération pathomimique »